Monday, February 9, 2015

Throwing a princess themed party on a budget!

Our little girl turned four this last week, and I wanted to throw her a budget friendly, girlie party.  While I love to entertain, and make our kiddos feel special on their day,  I don't believe in spending a forturne on parties.  

Enter.. the dollar store.  For under $25.00, I managed to decorate our space and include some special party favors without breaking the bank! 

This heart banner was $1!!!  They come in a pack of 16,  just add string and you have a instant banner.

The first rule in throwing a party on a budget is to look for items you already have.  I raided our pantry for these little jars to fill these with sweetheart candy for party favors.  I used the pink dollies and traced the top outline of the lid to add texture to the and color to the top.  The word love was already engraved in the dollies…added bonus!

What girl don't love a craft?  These darling lady bugs were less than $.25 cents a piece to make

Look for things that not only fit your theme, but add drama to your space.  These butterfly wings were bonus find at the Dollar Store! Not only did they make a fantastic decoration, but doubled as a party favor for the girls to take home. 

These finger foods are delicious and so easy to make. Strawberry cream cheese on a ritz cracker and sliced strawberry, cuz let's be honest.  A salty and sweet combination?…. YUM! 

I justified splurging on her cake because I didn't spend a lot on the decor.  I admit, I could have made it, but I ran out of time in the week.  I did call around though and found this one for half the price of the big box store

Sources: All from the Dollar Tree unless otherwise noted

1. Mini caning jars (already owned) with pink heart dollie (comes in pack of 16) $1 plus bag of candy $1.  Enough to fill approx. 6 mini jars

2. Napkins (pack of 25) $1 plus pack of dress up rings (pack of 8) $1

3. China plates (pack of 6) $1 layered with already owned china 

4. Mini star wands (pack of 8) $1

5.  Plastic silver forks (pack of 8) $1

6. White paper heart dollie (pack of 16) $1

7. White milk glasses with reusable straws.  Pack of 6 glasses and 6 straws $7/ TjMaxx

8. Mini silver frames with customizable place setting names $1

9. Bush of pink carnations (7 stems) $1

10. Happy Birthday tiaras (pack of 4) $1

11. Little gift favor boxes (pack of 12) .33/piece/Michaels filled with lipgloss, stickers, and nailpolish found on clearance.

12. Floral Tablecloth already owned/ TjMaxx

So see?  It is possible to throw a party without breaking the bank!  I challenge you to visit your local Dollar Store and see what you can come up with for your next big party!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Target side tables turned flower planters!

Anyone remember these hammered metal side tables Target had several months ago?  I had my eye on them for awhile.  There was something about the size and the texture of them that I LOVED.  I can't remember exactly how much they were upwards of $60/piece. Of course, all good things happen to those who wait, and I snagged these babies for a steal!!!! 


When I picked up the table, I instantly saw this:  Hello?  I could be a planter on your patio!  

First things first, we needed to put a few drain holes in. 

 I enlisted my son's help and within a few minutes, we had six new holes...

This was what they looked like after I planted.  I loved them…however, when the afternoon sun hit the gold, they looked more like giant pineapple statues with flowers coming out of them.  #fail

With all the hype about rub n buff,  I decided to finally try it on these pieces to create more of a "antique" look on the outside of the container. I created a little more of a ombre look...a little more pronounced at the bottom and lighter on the top.  I have to be honest… I wasn't impressed with the rub n buff.  It could be that it isn't intended to be used on outside things, but it was really hard to keep it looking smooth.  It dried instantly, making it very hard to work with.  
Overall, I am happy with the way they turned out.  Our patio needed some color and symmetry, which is exactly what I achieved!  Next up, I need to give the light fixtures a face lift!  Stay tuned for the full reveal!!!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Angels in the room | The day our miracle was born

There are certain events in life that you won't forget. This is one of them. It has been thirteen years since I almost lost my second born.  One might have thought I would have forgotten about the pure miracle that happened that night.  I haven't.  I was a young, healthy twenty-four year old and the pregnancy up till then was uneventful. I was hardly sick at all and life was good.  But at twenty weeks, something went terribly wrong.

In retrospect, it is now 20/20.  That's how life is, right?  We never know what events will shape our lives, our faith, until something happens that causes us to stop and think about who really is in control after all.  I was thirty-two and a half weeks with what we found out to be our first born son, and laying in a hospital bed due to complications from a condition called Placenta Previa.  All my visitors had left for the day and I was winding down thinking about gearing up for yet another sleepless night.  It's amazing how much you DON'T want sleep after laying in bed for what seemed like an eternity.  (I was going on a little over twelve weeks of full blown bed rest).

I had been on some pretty nasty medicine the day before to stop my pre-term labor, so my nurse decided to keep me hooked up to the baby monitor, despite the doctors orders to take me off. It was 9 pm at night and the nurse briskly entered my room to ask me if I had moved weird.  The monitor had showed a rapid decrease of his heart rate.  After a minute or so of poking and prodding at my belly, she called for back up.  The monitor had not lied, and it appeared my baby was in some major distress.
I will spare you the rest of the details, but just know that it involved a quick phone call to my husband to get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY,  a call to the OR from the nursing staff indicating a "code blue", and several prayers to protect this little child inside of me. This is what I remember...

When I awoke, I was told that my baby had miraculously survived, but he was very sick.  My placenta had abrupted.  A condition in which the baby does not normally survive, because the placenta, which not only nourishes the baby, but provides oxygen and blood supply completely separates from the uterine wall.  If babies do survive, they have a 50% chance of having permanent complications.  My little guy was immediately whisked away to a different, high risk hospital that had a level 1 NICU to care for him.

The following week was one of the darkest times in my adult life.  The time was before smart phones with amazing video or picture technology existed, I was longing to see my little guy, but left with some simple polaroids that seemed to capture his vulnerable state in such a way it would make any mother's heart hurt.

Here he is after his breathing tube was removed…. (Three days old)

People begin to emerge in my room the next day with stories of angels surrounding my son and I. A doctor whom I had never met came to tell me she had delivered my baby that night.  The story she told me still runs chills down my spine and brings tears to my eyes.  You see, when my baby was in distress, there was no time to wait for my doctor.  She was finishing up another C-Section in a adjoining operating room, and came over to deliver my son via C-section.  She wasn't in my network, and I had never met her, but God had her there at the right day and the right time.  "We didn't expect your son to be breathing when we pulled him out," she said. "When we pulled him out and he took that first breath of air, the whole OR started cheering!"  My nurse who was on call, along with countless others assured me that a "higher power" was looking out for me that night.  May 20th was coincidently my mom's birthday as well and she tells me how she prayed the entire way to the hospital that she would not lose her grandson on her birthday.  

I am forever grateful to both the medical personal that knew exactly what to do that evening, and to God for sparing both my sons and my life.  It was five VERY long days before I was well enough to be discharged from the hospital and able to meet my son for the first time.  

Pictures like this remind me just how fragile his little life was… At five days old, he was 3 lbs, 12 oz.
So tiny in comparison to his 5' 5 body frame today. 

His gentle spirit, patience, love towards others, and heart for God makes me so proud to be his mama.

I always remind him that there is a reason that God wanted him to be here on this earth.  My prayer is that nothing in your life will be wasted Keegan….That you live your life wholeheartedly to find that purpose and share it with others!  A very happy 13th birthday to my handsome,  miracle baby boy! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Welcome to the Spa | My favorite bathroom reveal yet.

This may be my FAVORITE master bathroom reveal to date.  I mean who doesn't love a little glam, traditional elements, and beautiful touches?  The homeowner worked with the contractor to design a MAJOR overhaul.  Closets were moved, vanities added, and new space for a claw foot tub was in the plan. 

The details speak for themselves.  Among them: Hexagon Carrara Marble Tile, A generous sized claw foot tub, custom makeup vanity, beautiful lighting, white subway tile, refinished original hardwood floors, and a custom mirror to name a few. 

So go grab a cup of coffee and take a tour of this amazing spa-like bathroom with me!

If you'd like to see more of this amazing house tour, click here and here.  Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more fun projects.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A MAJOR design fail turned beautiful!

A few months ago, I worked with an AMAZING client re-designing several rooms of their "new to them" 1949 home.  My client was so fun.. she wasn't afraid of color or bold patterns.  The home had a classic cape cod feel, and while it was beautifully simple, it was not how the homeowner was envisioned her home to look. The walls were adorned with a classic grasscloth and the elegant chandelier was one that the current homeowner would be taking with her.  Below is a before of the dining space.

In the early stages of our design, my client would send me pictures of rooms she loved.  They all had a common theme.  Big patterns, bold design, and a theme of perhaps a cross between mid century modern and bohemian chic.   
Image Via
Image Via
After further design conversations, my client decided that a kelly green would be her dream dining room color.  The search was on.  I found an amazing wall covering that was kelly green with a mid century modern flare.  The problem: The background was way too yellow.  Far too contrasty from the crisp white moldings that surrounded the room. 

My next idea included using a large wall stencil.  After all, we could choose the perfect paint colors for the background, and it was far more economical than the expensive green and yellow wall covering pictured above. 

The paint color was chosen, and the stencil ordered.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a MAJOR fail!  The color started going up on the wall, and the green color with the above stencil ended up looking like a Christmas wreath all over her wall. (thankfully, there was only a SMALL portion of the wall done).   Yes, sometimes designers do make mistakes.

The new plan? We would just paint the color she LOVED a solid color on the wall.  She could always add fun textures to the pillows in the bay window seating area.

The final design for the room included a bold wall color, a LARGE scale light, and simple finishing touches.  In the end?… well,  sometimes a design fail winds up being the best plan of all!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A twist on a traditional kitchen

 I am SO in love with this kitchen.  Can I just say I may have a little kitchen envy?  This kitchen needed VERY few changes.  The homeowner wanted a little more color in her kitchen. It was a little too sterile for her bold taste.  We decided it would be super fun to add a punch of color in the breakfast area.  

Here's a shot of what the area looked like before:
We had a plan to make two major changes. 1.  add a punch of color to the space through an upholstered wall in the breakfast nook and 2. have a custom table made to fit the space better.  It's super hard to see from the before, but the kitchen is small and the existing round table went WAY too far into the walk way.  We decided a simple table that perfectly fit within the bench area would be the best design for the space.  The plan was to have this piece custom fabricated.

The homeowner had spotted the fabric below in a design magazine and instantly fell in love with the patterns and color for her upholstered wall.  After some intense searching, I FOUND IT!!!

Here's the finished product.

New table.  New upholstered bench. New light fixture.  Done, Done and DONE!

Here is a shot of the other side of the space… did you just gasp?  It is unbelievably gorgeous!  My client decided the fridge panels would look great painted in a chalkboard paint.  Genius!

If you look through the dining room, you can catch a glimpse of that painted fridge!  (to see a before and after of the dining space, you can read about it here)!

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